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If you had asked me back when I started this blog, I would not have guessed that it would turn halfway into a poetry blog, but there you go. A little meditation inspired by a great weekend in Barcelona.


In the Carrer del Bisbe

I sit and watch
in the Carrer del Bisbe,
people and the world pass me by,
familiar strangers
in an intricate passacaglia;
lovers, parents, tourists,
walking heaps of cameras, maps,
bags and guidebooks,
hurrying on to places beyond the next corner
some new thing to see,
some new thing to do,
some new thing to fill their lives.

Street musicians accompany the dance,
Tarrega and Bach in a sonorous stereo,
and Santa Eulalia’s bells join in and
off the grey stone walls all around,
counting out the hours that pass,
and a warm breeze wanders through
the street from Sant Jaume to Catedral
unnoticed by all but me and
the leaves of the platane trees.

As I sit and watch
in the Carrer del Bisbe,
people and the world pass me by,
the only constants
the cathedral bells counting the hours,
the warm breeze from Sant Jaume,
and the thoughts of

(Photo by Llull, licensed under the CC BY-SA 2.0 license)


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A piece I wrote for a previous Chuck Wendig flash challenge: Write a complete story in five sentences and at most 100 words. (If you were wondering, yes, that’s pretty hard.) A little ‘meditation’ on the power of words (or ‘speech acts‘, to be technical) to change lives.


Helen refreshed the website for the 117th time that evening and saw that the opinion had finally been published: ‘People v. Lindsay, Nicolas’. Her heart racing from anxiety, she quickly scrolled down to the conclusion. She had promised herself she’d be strong, but she still burst into tears when she read the terse final sentence:

“The judgment of the trial court is AFFIRMED.”

For the judges of the state supreme court, it had been just another day at the office, but for Helen Lindsay and her son on the death row, it was the day that hope died.

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